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Theme of Paintings

Paul Jay Price paints as an alchemist who mixes what is known with what may be, or the what if.  For two years he undertook a painstaking immersion into modern society’s values as well as an honest reflection on his own.  Price says, “The difficulty of casting off years of indoctrination as to what constitutes today’s image of feminine beauty and creating a fresh approach was like trying to catch a dream’s image the moment you awake from a deep sleep.  I reaffirmed my belief that all living things are intertwined physically as well as spiritually, and there are moments of transition.  Could this transition be caught on canvas?  That question led to my new direction, but not without difficulty.  By mixing the classic theme of the woman’s lonely vigil with almost hallucinatory landscapes, I’ve caught the moment when the spirit is trapped precariously between reality and the what if.”

The question of whether the spirits are levitating or descending is for the viewers to discern at their own pleasure.  The integration of the physical reality and the spiritual realm, or the what if, is the statement the artist wants to affirm.


Paul Jay Price has been involved in the worlds of art, anthropology, preservation, and scholarship for over forty years.

However, it is as an artist that Price has made his most significant mark.  His painted landscapes and subjects are powerful, sweeping, and epic.  He has the instinctive and sensitive ability to draw the emotions from the very heart of his subjects.

His creative designs for both commercial and public attractions can be seen around the world.  He worked on the historic restoration and theming of the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk, help developed the original Chuck E. Cheese (and associated characters) for Pizza Time Theatre in Irving, TX, and directed and produced fabric lines and wall décor for national sales for Studio Four (Chicago, IL) and Environmental Graphics (Minnetonka, MN).

Other projects, global in scope, include art work on the Seattle World’s Fair, the Louisiana World Exposition, Parque de Diversiones in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Diversiones Moy Arcade in Guadalajara, Mexico.

He completed a massive array of artwork for the Pechanga Resort and Casino in southern California.  The project involved sculptures, mazes, rock art reproductions, engravings and fifty paintings—some of which were produced as large as 55 feet wide and 18 feet high.

Price brought to this project many years of studying and working with the Luiseño people, of which the Pechanga tribe is a part.

His work on scenario interpretations, natural habitats, and museum displays is equally impressive.  Price produced the conceptual drawings for the Polynesian Cultural Park, Viti Levu, Fiji, designed the original Pechanga Cultural Museum, helped develop the present-day Pechanga Repository/Training Center, created and established the farm museum attraction at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA, and consulted on preservation and the displays for the Lake Perris State Park Museum in Perris, CA.  Price was also the Creative Director for the City of Oceanside’s Luiseño Park, in Oceanside, CA.  He has sculptured for the Louis Wolf Tomb monument and helped with Vail Ranch’s stagecoach restoration in Temecula, CA and produced and directed a historical Temecula DVD.

Price resides in Canyon Lake, California.