In their natural setting, plants and flowers are very sensual. Whether the plants are spotted with dew or bursting into bloom, Price strives to capture each one's essence and delicacy. Each plant has its story and Price has tasted its seeds, breathed in its scent, and absorbed its healing substances into his skin. He applies his ethnobotanical training and knowledge to depicting the plants, flowers, herbs, and trees that have a cultural, social or spiritual significance to the Luiseño people.

“Each plant is a poem to the wonderment of life. Every detail of a plant begs to have its story told.”



A Barrel of Blossoms

23.75" x 18"

A Barrel of Blossoms enlarge A Barrel of Blossoms

               Waiting for the Pollen Carriers  Diner for Nectar Feeding Bats  My Surprise
A Barrel of Blossoms  Harvest Time  Source of Enlightenment
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