When creating his cultural art, Price strives to tell a story, weave in legends and traditions, and hint at the heart, soul, and spirit of this proud people and their history.
His hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of the Luiseño culture bring an unrivaled authenticity to his art. Price has gained an intimate look into the Luiseño culture, while maintaining the objectivity of a trained archaeologist. He refuses to romanticize Luiseño imagery or fall back upon the stereotypical images that are so prevalent today in Native American art.

“As I work with my Luiseño subject matter, I delight in using their symbols and having them disappear into abstraction and reappear as new shapes. The challenge is to control my creativity while never allowing a convenient distortion to blur my loyalty to the Luiseño truths. I will not compromise my role as a preserver of the Luiseño culture.”

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