The play of light on land has been singed into Price’s head and heart ever since he was a young boy. Life, light, serenity, rolling hills, sunsets, sunrises, and stunning scenery, which are quickly disappearing due to rapid development in southern California, have been his challenge to capture.

When painting landscapes, Price's medium, of course, is oil. Within a shallow field of layered strokes he builds painterly textures, figuration, and symbols for the viewer.

“Enjoy wandering among the secrets I have woven into each canvas.”

Golden Eagles Frolicking

  Golden Eagles Frolicking Salt Creek at Sunset Above the Clouds End of an Era Sunrise Over Pechanga
The Bosker Ranch Sacred Oak Life Givers Desert Poppies Lake Elsinore Woliwuna, Pechanga Flood Plain
Pechanga Spring Village Pond at Dusk Yu Yit on Mount Palomar